Aopi retires from BSP board

Bank South Pacific Board has appointed Robert Bradshaw as a director of BSP replacing Gerea Aopi.

Aopi CBE has decided to retire as a Director of BSP.

He has served as a Board Member since the amalgamation of BSP and PNGBC in 2002.

Aopi also served as a member of the Board of Audit and Risk Committees as well as most recently the Chairman of the Board’s Remuneration & Nomination Committee.

Chairman of Board Sir Kostas Constantinou extended his sincere thanks and appreciation to Aopi on behalf of the Shareholders and his fellow Directors for his many years of dedicated service to BSP.

He added that experienced and long serving directors such as Aopi have contributed enormously to the strategic direction and performance of BSP over the years.

Meanwhile, Sir Kostas welcomed Bradshaw’s appointment which sees the continuation of BSP’s Board renewal process.

Bradshaw is a qualified and experienced Papua New Guinean lawyer and holds a Bachelor of Laws from University of Papua New Guinea and has over 20 years of legal practice in PNG, including being a former partner of Ashurst.

In 2005 Bradshaw started his own legal firm Bradshaw lawyers focusing largely on litigation as well as work in the resource development, industrial relations, banking and finance.

The Bank of Papua New Guinea has consented to the appointment of Mr Bradshaw.

Sir Kostas said he is confident that Bradshaw will contribute positively to the Board’s performance.

Freddy Mou