ANZ branches to be rebranded

ANZ PNG and Kina Bank announced that from Monday, September 9th, ANZ’s Boroko and Jackson’s branches will be rebranded as Kina Bank branches.

This follows an agreement that ANZ’s Retail, Commercial and Small-Medium Sized Enterprise (SME) customers would transfer to Kina Bank on September 23.

ANZ PNG Country Head, Mark Baker, said: “We are working closely with Kina Bank to ensure the transfer will be as seamless as possible for our customers. By transferring these branches before 23 September, we can make sure systems work as they should, that any physical changes to the branch can be made and most importantly, that there’s no impact to customer service standards before the rest of the branch network is transferred to Kina Bank.

“Customers will start receiving information about the transfer to Kina Bank and how it impacts them, including SMS, press advertising, information at ATMs, in branches and online.

“ANZ will maintain its ATMs at Jackson’s Airport and we’ll also be arranging a shuttle bus service to our other Port Moresby branches,” Baker said.

Kina Bank’s Executive General Manager Personal Banking, Adam Downie, said: “We’ve been working with ANZ to ensure the transfer to Kina Bank is as seamless as possible for customers.

“We want to reassure customers that they will continue to receive the same great service they’ve come to expect from the same people they are already familiar with. All accounts will automatically migrate to Kina Bank on September 23. Account numbers will remain the same and ANZ Access, debit and credit cards will continue to work,” Downie said.

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