Air Niugini welcomes airfare investigation

The national airline carrier, Air Niugini, has welcomed the investigation into the cost of airfares in the airline industry.

This follows the announcement on September 6th by the Vice Minister for Treasury, Win Daki, which ICCC falls under.

Air Niugini Managing Director Allan Milne said the investigation will give people the opportunity to see why the airfares are high.

“We’ve actually had conversation with the ICCC Commissioner previously, this is a very difficult market and we had a lot of fruitful conversations about how the ticketing structure and pricing structure is there,” said Milne.

“I can tell you that every time that you spend on a ticket price, there’s less than 20t that comes to Air Niugini as a contribution, so it is made up of fees and taxes and the expense of having fuel delivered in this area.

“So I think this investigation will give the opportunity for people to see exactly why the airfares are as they are and we have absolutely nothing to hide and we are looking forward to that conversation.”

The ICCC has been given until the end of October to furnish the report to minister responsible.

Sally Pokiton