3rd Biennial Leadership Awards Night

The PNG Institute of Banking and Business Management will stage its 3rd Biennial SME Leadership awards night, tonight.

This year’s awards will feature more than 50 profiles, in particular the star ratings these companies have attained during assessment.

Award categories include 1. Governance & Organization

                                             2. Business Management

                                             3. Financial Management

                                             4. Human Resource Management

                                             5. Quality Control

                                             6. Inventory Control

                                             7. Safety Health and Environment

                                            8. Reputation and Image

                                            9. Best Women Owned SME

                                            10. Most Improved SME

                                            11. Overall Best Performing SME    


The IBBM Centre in partnership with Exxon Mobil PNG Ltd has been conducting business assessments since 2010.

“It’s an evaluation of the capacities and capabilities of local business based on eight business standards,”

“The main purpose of the exercise is to identify capacity gaps which lead to developing improvement plans and recommendation of necessary capacity building programs to address these gaps,” said Executive director IBBM Johnson Pundari.

The centre has assessed over 500 companies over the last 7 years.

The in-augural SME award was staged back in 2013.

Meredith Kuusa