USS Green Bay anchors off Ela Beach

A crew of over 500 personnel onboard the USS Green Bay (Landing Platform Deck 20), which is anchored off Ela beach, are assisting with security for the APEC Leaders week in Port Moresby.

The ship, made up of over 100 marines, including Marine Light Attack Helicopter squad onboard and navy crews, arrived in Port Moresby on Tuesday morning, after 10 days at sea from their home base in Sasebo, Japan.

The USS Green Bay (Landing Platform Deck 20), is named after the City of Green Bay, Wisconsin, the smallest city to host an American Football team, and is the only team to be owned by its fans.

It has also been used for humanitarian missions in providing aid like it did after the South Asian Tsunami in 2004.

Commanding Officer, Captain Tom Shultz, said the crew is fortunate to have the opportunity to support the APEC leaders’ meet here in Port Moresby.

“Green Bay is the fourth ship of its class, is well equipped to support a variety of missions from humanitarian assistance and disaster relief to full support amphibious combat operations,” Captain Shultz said.

For now the crew is supporting the joint APEC Security operations from the ship but captain Shults said if the opportunity is given, they will take it up.

Other US navy also assisting APEC security operations are the coastguards who arrived last week.

Sally Pokiton