Over 80 vehicles donated for APEC

Vehicles that will be used to transport delegates around Port Moresby during the APEC CEO Summit and Leaders week have been received by the APEC Authority.

50 buses, 35 mini vans and 9 fire trucks were handed over to the APEC Authority by the Chinese Ambassador to PNG, Xue Bing, on Wednesday.

One of the most under-funded service providers in the country, the PNG Fire Service also benefits from this donation from the Chinese government, receiving nine new fire trucks.

Minister responsible for the Fire Service and Inter-government Relations Minister, Kevin Isifu, said as cities and towns grow, so do the threat of fire.

Isifu thanked the Chinese government for the equipment that will be used during APEC and beyond.

Chief of Fire Service, Bill Roo, said one truck costs between K1.5 to K1.8 million and was grateful to the Chinese government.

Fifty new 40-seater buses were also donated that will be used to transport delegates. 

“After APEC, these city buses will be donated and given to the City Authority, NCDC and they will manage and run these buses for public transport,” APEC Minister Justin Tkatchenko said.

“The Chinese government have given all the spare parts for all the individual buses as well,” he added.

 “We hope this small token will contribute to the success of the upcoming APEC meeting,” Chinese Ambassador to PNG, Xue Bing said when handing over the vehicles.

Sally Pokiton