APEC fleet recalled

The APEC Authority has recalled all fleet that were used for the APEC Leaders’ Week for audit.

Fire engines, ambulance and buses will be distributed among the provinces while the VIP vehicles, including the Maserati, will undergo public tender process.

An audit of all fleet used at the APEC summit, whether donated or purchased by the government, has commenced and should be completed by the end of the year.

“We gave a recall on all APEC vehicles, as of Monday. Ninety percent of vehicles have already come back, some are being finalised now from the police and others to come back to the storage holding areas to a proper audit, to a proper stock take and then from there the vehicles can be distributed and sold accordingly,” Tkatchenko said.

While he could not specify which leaders used the much-talked about Maserati during the meet, he said they were all used by the leaders, despite some flying in their own vehicles.

The 42-seater buses will be utilised by NCDC to run the city bus service, the VIP vehicles will be returned to Ela Motors to sell while the Maserati will go on public tender.

“One Maserati is just over K500,000,” Tkatchenko said.

Just 24 hours after the Leaders’ summit concluded on Sunday, one of the buses backed into the Carr Memorial Adventist Primary School on Monday evening.

“One of the black buses was unfortunately driven by an intoxicated soldier from Murray Barracks who totally had no right to utilise or to drive that vehicle at all,” Tkatchenko said.

The disappointed minister was not happy with the incident.

“The vehicle has minor damage of the undercarriage so it’s not too bad, but here we go once again, our disciplinary service people, being totally undisciplined. It’s a total disgrace when we have people that we trust to do the right thing, getting drunk and misusing public property,” he added.

Sally Pokiton